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Brief Summary of our Service



We operate purely as a brokerage, selling customers vehicles from our premises on their behalf. Vehicles are entered into our system with a reserve price agreed with the owner. No vehicle may be sold under the reserve price without the owners express agreement verbal or written. All vehicles are displayed on our yard 7 days a week, advertised locally and extensively on our Internet site. No charges are rendered until the vehicle is sold or withdrawn from the system. All vehicles are comprehensively insured while in our custody



Advantages to our system




We are able to offer finance packages to suit individual needs. This greatly broadens the customer base for a vehicle, and allows us to effect a sale where a private vendor could not.




As part of our service the Internet enables buyers to source vehicles 24hrs a day.




We are able to supply warranties on every vehicle sold. Obviously this helps to give peace of mind to a potential buyer.




We have the facility to take any vehicle on trade-in. In no way does this affect the vendor, who is paid out in full. Again this facility enables us to effect a sale where a private vendor could not.These facilities represent the four major reasons as to why members of the general public may choose to purchase a vehicle from Adelaide Consignment Centre as opposed to buying privately. By selling your vehicle through Adelaide Consignment Centre, these essential sales aids will become available to you. Plus peace of mind with no unwanted callers at your home or office.



What does this service cost?

We offer a fully inclusive package for our brokered sales system. When you entrust your vehicle to us, we cover all aspects of the sale, including the display and marketing of the vehicle, general advertising and Internet exposure. Also included is a fully comprehensive insurance covering your vehicle against any eventuality whilst in our care, including test drives and demonstrations. The sales package operates on a scale, dependant upon the reserve of the vehicle. Please be assured that we offer the same quality and standards of service irrespective of the value of the vehicle.



Value of Vehicle

Cost per week







How we earn our money

You, the seller give us the net figure that you would like returning for your vehicle and we try to earn our commission on top. For example, you want $10000 returning for your car, we will have to mark your vehicle up to $10500. This gives us the chance to take bids on the vehicle and also the opportunity to take a part exchange. The difference between your reserve figure and the actual sale price achieved represents our commission. The next step



Simply bring the vehicle along to us, we will appraise it and offer constructive advice regarding valuation for your reserve price. Your details will then be entered into our system and an entry form will be produced showing full details of the vehicle along with the reserve price, which we will aim for. Please bring all of the documentation that you have relating to the vehicle, i.e. log book, service history, bills etc. A detailed description and full colour image will be available to be viewed on our website, within 24 hours, so we really do get to work straight away!

You can relax, secure in the knowledge that everything possible is being done to sell your vehicle in the quickest possible time.





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